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weber.color dewdrop

weber.color dewdrop
weber.color dewdrop

Product benefits

  • Water repellant properties
  • Crack free tile joints
  • Availabe in a range of colors



It is cementitious tile joint filler suitable for filling tile joints of ceramic tile, vitrified tiles, marbles, granite, mosaics and natural stone in walls and floors for both internal and external application

Product Description and Features

Product Description

weber.color dewdrop is a high polymer modified cementitious water repellant joint filler used for internal and external application. It is suitable for grouting ceramic tiles, vitrified tiles, marbles, granites, mosaics and natural stone on walls and floors.

Key Features

  • Cementitious water repellant joint filler.
  • Crack free tile joints
  • Suitable for grouting all types of tiles and stone
  • Especially suited for wet areas such as bathrooms and swimming pools.


  • Weber.color dewdrop is recommended for use on tile joints of 1-6 mm width.
  • Ensure 24 hours time interval for grouting after tile fixing.
  • For best results, use spacers and keep a minimum of 2 mm joint between tiles.
  • If the tiles are highly porous, do a sample test to check possible staining. To avoid this problem, mask tiles before grouting.

Technical Parameters

Bulk Density1.10 - 1.20 g/cc
Pot LifeUpto 1 hour
Time to walk on grouted floor24 hours after grouting
Recommended tile joint width1 - 6 mm
Site temperature at the time of applicationBetween + 5ºC and 35ºC
Initial Setting60 - 120 minutes
Final Setting160 - 220 minutes
Compressive strength at 28 days> 16 Mpa


Send or download the documentation

You can either send the documentation to en-email address, or download it.

Preparation and Application

Direction For Use

  • Clean and remove any loose particles.
  • Make sure that the tiles joints are saturated and excess water is removed from joints before grouting.
  • This will ensure good adhesion of grout as well as uniform color after drying.

Mixing Ratio

  • Gradually add approximately 2.5 parts of powder to 1 part of clean water (measured by volume) and mix to a smooth, workable, stiff paste.
  • Do not attempt to extend the pot life by adding water to the mix.
  • Keep the wet mortar idle for 3-5 minutes.


  • Completely fill the joints of tiles with weber.color dewdrop daigonally across the tile joint surfaces using a rubber grouting trowel or an appropriate tool
  • Wait till weber.color dewdrop has started to set (30 - 45 mins)
  • Remove excess grout using a sponge (45 - 60 mins)
  • After drying about 3 hours clean the tiles using a dry cloth


Consumption depends on tile size and joint width.   For example, for a tile a tile of 20cm X 20cm with a 2mm joint width, the coverage would be approximately 0.2 kg/sqm

Shelf Life

1 year from the date of manufacturing, for unopened bags, stored in dry condition.


1 kg, 20 kg bags