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weber epoxy systems

weber epoxy systems
weber epoxy systems

Product benefits

  • Chemical resistant grout
  • Resists stains and fungus
  • Hygiene Importance
  • High durability
  • Heavy duty applications

It is a three component, chemical resistant joint filler for heavy duty application. Recomended for areas where hygiene is of utmost importance. Used for internal and external application.

Product Description and Features

Product Description

weber epoxy system is a three component, chemical resistant grout for heavy duty applications. It is recommended for areas where hygiene is of utmost importance.

Key Features

Bi component epoxy-based material for:

  • Filling tile joints in tiled areas where cleanliness is of utmost importance.
  • Grouting in wet areas including swimming pools


Internal and external walls and floors.



Chemical industries:

  • Laboratories, production and storage workshops, paper mill, dyeing plant, tannery, food industries.
  • Breweries, laboritories, commercial kitchens, workshops, dairies, processing plant.


  • Operating theaters, clinics, showers, kitchens.

Wet areas:

  • Collective showers, bathrooms, sea water pools.


  • Garages, battery rooms, public toilets, waste treatment plants, podium parking areas, high traffic areas

Technical Parameters

Technical Parameters
Paste Density1.72 gm/cc
Pot Life45 minutes
Time to walk on grouted floor24 hours after grouting
Recommended tile joint width2 - 12mm
Minimum application temperature10ºC
Can withstand temperature variation between0ºC - 80ºC
Hardening time (grout)4 - 8 hours
pH10 - 11
Compressive strength at 7 days>60 Mpa
Shear strength at 7 days>10 Mpa
Flexural strength at 7 days> 30 Mpa
Tensile adhesion stength at 7 days> 15 Mpa





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Preparation and Application

Direction For Use


  • Clean and remove any loose particles.
  • Make sure that the tiles joints are clean and saturated and excess water is removed from joints before grouting.


weber epoxy system as a grout

  • Take 2 parts resin 1 part hardener and 8 part filler by weight.
  • Mix resin and hardener for a minute. Add 80% of the filler and mix all the components for  2 minutes. Then add blance 20% of filler and mix all the components for another 2 minutes to get a homogeneus paste.
  • Before application wear gloves and start filling the tile joints with a rubber trowel or any other appropriate tool.
  • Remove the access material by placing the rubber trowel or any appropriate tool, perpendicular to the tiled surface.
  • As the epoxy grout start gelling after 30 - 45 minutes (depending upon the site temperature) start the initial cleaning with a scrubber and soap water solution.
  • Finally clean the tiled surface with a dry cloth.

weber epoxy system as an adhesive

  • Apply weber epoxy over the surface and level out using an appropriate notched trowel (Max.5mm)
  • Firmly press the tile into the adhesive to ensure good adhesion.

Mixing Ratio

  • The general mixing is in the Ratio 2:1:8 (2 part resin : 1 part hardner: 8 part filler)



  • Consumption depends on tile size and joint width.   
  • For example, for a tile a tile of 20cm X 20cm with a 2mm joint width, the coverage would be approximately 0.2 kg/sqm

CONSUMPTION (Adhesive) :

  • The consumption is approximately 5-6 kg/sqm for 3mm bed thickness

Note : The consumption will vary depending on surface undulations.

Shelf Life

2 year from the date of manufacturing, in a sealed condition.


weber.joint poxy - 1.5 kg bucket (Resin and hardener)

weber.joint poxyfill -2 kg pouch (Filler)

weber.color poxy - 1.1 kg bucket (Resin, hardener and filler)


available in 30 colors, see colour cards>>>