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Why join Weber?

People are  the central focus and key factor to the success of the Weber organisation.

In their daily life, Weber people show high commitment to the company, look for excellence and contribute to the development of Weber.

People: the keystone of Weber

Considering our need for innovation, our customer orientation and our search for excellence, we value people with good interpersonal skills, able to work in teams, open to other cultures, ready to change things.

We expect a high commitment from our people. Integrity, loyalty, honesty, dedication, attention to people are essential characteristics of the personalities we look for.

We need people who have the ability and the desire to develop their skills and are open to education and training.


Hiring is a key process at Weber: we look for people, not only for profiles, and we look for people who have long-term career prospects in our company.

The way Weber manages the careers of people is to seek for the personal and professional development of people, consistent with the needs of the company.

Personal development and Mobility

Internal mobility is a way to create a Weber corporate culture, to disseminate ideas across Weber, to open the minds to different points of view, to build personalities and to better attract and retain people at Weber. 

Training and Evaluation

Training and experience sharing, especially at international level, drives skills development, motivation and career management.

Particular attention and efforts are put into the hiring and training of front line employees, who are the backbone of the Weber organization as they are in contact with its customers.

Management style

The main characteristic of Weber managers is their ability to educate their teams, to be available, and to be a role model. They must take time to communicate and explain to them the company strategy, objectives and results.