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weber stoneseal

weber stoneseal
weber stoneseal

Product benefits

  • Excellent surface sealer
  • Protects stone
  • Easy application
  • Used or external and internal application
  • Highly durable
  • Ready to use
  • Superior coverage



weber stoneseal is a polymer based solvent sealer designed for protection of natural and synthetic stone.

Product Description and Features

Product Description

weber stoneseal is a polymer based solvent sealer designed for protection of natural and synthetic stone. The unique formulation gives excellent water repellant as well as oleophobic i.e. oild repellant properties. It exhibits high resistance to oil and stain on the surface treated with weber stoneseal. The treated pores of the surface form an invisible barrier allowing the vapour diffusion due to penetrating effect. It is set to form a hard wearing film while maintaining the natural color of stone and tile.

Key Features

  • Used for low porous stone and marble
  • Easy to apply using brush, sponge or cloth
  • It can be applied for both external and internal application
  • Highly durable and economical
  • Ready to use, no dilution required at site
  • Superior coverage
  • Seal and protect against stain of eatables


Natural Stones, aynthetic marbles, sandstone, marbles, granites, travertine, concrete, fibrous cement material, bricks, unglazed tile, masonary, flamed, honed, finished granites and stone, pavers.

Technical Parameters

AppearanceLight Yellowish
Density at 25ยบ0.86 +/- 0.02 gm/cc


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Preparation and Application

Direction For Use


  • Surface should be clean, dry free of contamination eg oild, dust, grease, laitance etc.
  • The surface needs to be dry for 48 - 72 hours before application of sealer.

Appplication Methodology

  • Apply evenly weber stoneseal over surface with a paint brush/ clean cloth or sponge. Care must be taken not to apply too thick or lumpy coats.
  • Allowo it to penetrate for 5 - 15 minutes and wipe the surface with a dry clean cloth or sponge after application. Any excess material needs to be wiped off.
  • Inter coat must be done wet on wet condition beforw first coat gets fully cured.
  • Allow 24 - 48 hours air cure to develop hydrophobic and oleophobic effects.
  • Preliminary testing on small trial area is important to determine the compatibility and possible discoloration of the surface to be treated with weber stoneseal.
  • Do not apply on damp or wet surfaces; avoid application during wet weather conditons and on surfaces that are extremely hot.
  • If applied on a damp or wet surface it is likely to peel or get whitened in time.
  • Immediately clean tools and hand with water and soap after application.


3-30 sqm/lit. Consumption may vary depending on surface conditions and porosity level of the surface.

Shelf Life

6 months from the date of manufacturing in a sealed condition




1L and 20L