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weber sbr

weber sbr
weber sbr

Product benefits

  • Excellent bond to existing substrate
  • Improves flexural stength and prevents cracking
  • Slip resistance when used on flooring
  • Bonding agent for old-new concrete, bonding for plasters, beams, precast segments, lift pits, basements, etc.



It is a strength enhancing additive, which reduces shrinkages and cracks

Product Description and Features

Product description

weber sbr is styrene butadiene co polymer latex liquid. It is used as a polymer modifier for concrete/cement mortar for waterproofing and repairs of spalled concrete.

Key Features

  • It provides an excellent bond to the existing substrate.
  • It makes the structure impermeable to liquids.
  • It improves chemical, abrasion and impact resistance.
  • It has improved flexural strength and hence avoids cracking.
  • Shrinkage cracks are reduced.
  • Thinner screeds can be cast for similar strengths,reducing weight and material used.
  • It has excellent slip resistance when used for flooring screeds.


  • Bonding agent-Old to new concrete bonding, bonding for plasters.
  • Structural repairs – For spalled concrete, beams, precast segments etc.
  • Waterproofing ( Internal) - Lift pits, basements, toilets etc.
  • Polymer modifier for floor screeds - Can be used as an underlay for epoxy floorings.

Note :  For application on any other substrate please contact Saint-Gobain Weber personnel.

Technical Parameters

Solid content                  -  47%
Specific Gravity               -  1.03 gm/cc @ 25O celcius +/- 0.01
pH                                   -  9 to 11
Pot Life–Cement slurry   - 1 Hour


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Preparation and Application

Direction for use


  • Clean the substrate of oil stains and bond inhibiting compounds. Also remove dirt, dust and laitance, if any, using high pressure water jet or any other suitable method.
  • Corroded reinforcement bars should be exposed around their full circumference, should then be cleaned to remove all the loose particles and should be treated with an anti-corrosive product.

As a slurry bond coat

  • Surface must be thoroughly dampened before the application and excess water should be removed.
  • weber sbr is a ready to use liquid which is dispensed into the water as per the proportions given in the *recommendation chart to form slurry.
  • Apply one coat of the slurry using a stiff brush, working it well into the surface.
  • Place the new concrete while the bond coat is a little tacky.

As a concrete repair and bedding mortar

  • Expose the spalled concrete upto the reinforcement bars.
  • Corroded   reinforcement bars should be exposed around their full circumference and then be cleaned to remove all the loose particles.They should then be treated with anti corrosive product.
  • Apply weber sbr as a bonding agent between the existing and new repair mortar as recommended above.
  • Mix weber sbr and water thoroughly in one bucket, and mix sand and cement as per the *recommendation chart given in another bucket.Then add the liquid mix to the mortar mix and ensure thorough mixing to form slurry. As the bond coat is slightly tacky, apply the   slurry mix and build up the entire cross section to be repaired.

Note: weber sbr can be used only for repairs in internal applications only.
As a waterproof slurry coat

  • Surface must be thoroughly dampened before the application and excess water should be removed.
  • Mix weber sbr and water thoroughly and add cement into this mix as per the proportions given in the   *recommendation chart.
  • Apply the first coat of slurry using a brush and apply the second coat in the direction perpendicular to the previous coat.
  • Apply the second coat while the first coat is slightly tacky,approximately after 2 hours.

As a modified plaster

  • Mix weber sbr and water in one bucket, and mix cement and sand in another bucket as per the *recommendation chart. Mix the liquid to the mortar in order to obtain a polymer modified plaster.
  • This modified plaster can be used for internal as well as external applications.
  • It can also be used for bonding the plaster to the existing substrate for internal surfaces.

Mixing ratio

Refer data sheets


Refer Data sheets

Shelf Life

1 year from the date of manufacturing, for unopened cans, stored in dry condition.


20 litre drum, 5 litre and 1 litre bottle.


Milky White