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weber tec prime

weber tec prime
weber tec prime

Product benefits

  • Bonding agent
  • Water resistant primer
  • Prevents wooden surfaces from dampness
  • Brush or roller application
  • Interior walls and floors
  • Application on wooden floors, gypsum floors, etc



Product Description and Features

Product Description

weber tec prime is a bonding and water resistant primer to be used prior to the application of leverling compounds and adhesive mortar on difficult surfaces. It protects wooden surfaces from dampness during application of mortar and is suitable for use on interior walls and floors.

Key Features

Suitable to be used on the following substrates:

  • Most types of ceramic tiles (including glazed tiles) and rigid vinyl tiles
  • Wooden boards
  • Gypsum boards
  • Asphalt
  • Parquet floors
  • Well adhered to acrylic paints

Composition : water dispersion resins and specific additives.


  • Do not add water or any other component to weber tec prime
  • After setting weber tec prime will appear to be a yellowish translucent film which is sticky to provide good bonding
  • if weber tec prime is left too long before application of mortar. It looses the thickness
  • It would become necessary to apply another coat.

Technical Parameters

Initial adhesion N/mm2>0.5

Preparation and Application

Direction For Use

Surface preparation

  • Surface must be sound and clean
  • Rremove any friable residues (peeled of paint old adhesive for vinyl tiles, laminate..)
  • Clean all the surfaces completely free of dust, grease wax gypsum
  • Sealed tile surfaces must be roughened with a suitable abrasive pad
  • Rinse thoroughly and allow to dry
  • Sand down any polish or vanish from wood.

Application Properties

  • Time before coating min 1 hour
  • After drying weber tec prime will appear like a yellow translucent film
  • Temperature of application 5ºC - 35ºC


10 - 15 sqm / 2kg bucket

Consumption may vary depending on surface conditions and porosity of the material.

Shelf Life

1 year from the date of manufacturing, for unopened cans, stored in dry condition.


20 L bucket