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weber epoxy adhesive

weber epoxy adhesive
weber epoxy adhesive

Product benefits

  • Ready to mix, three component product
  • High durable bond strength
  • Excellent adhesion on metal surfaces
  • Internal and external application
  • For tile and stone fixing on elevated structures





Product Description and Features

Product Description

It is a three component, heavy duty, chemical resistant adhesive for fixing tile and stone of small and big format on wall and floor. It provides excellent high durable bond strength for fixing tile and stone on metal surfaces. weber epoxy adhesive can be used in internal and external areas. Due to its chemical resistant properties it can be used in commercial installations of chemical prone areas, food processing industries, commercial kitchens, restraunts, high traffic and workshop areas.

Key Features

  • It has excellent adhesion properties, tile & stone can be fixed on surface like metal sheet, aluminium panels, glass, plywood and gypsum boards.
  • It can be applied for wet areas, internal and external application.
  • High durable and impact resistance.
  • Due to chemcial resistance properties, it can be used on the floor and wall in chemical prones areas.
  • It can be applied at higher height levels where cement based adhesive has limitations.
  • Mechanical fixing is not required for higher height levels.
  • It can be used for fixing tile & stone on ceilings & elevated structure.
  • Light & white marble will not stain when fixed with weber epoxy adhesive.


  • It is recommended on metal, MS sheets, aluminium panel, RCC, slef levelling screed, acrylic sheet, metal ACP sheets, fibre cement & gypsum board and plywood.

Note - For application on any other substrate please contact Saint-Gobain Weber personnel for technical assistance.

Technical Parameters

Paste Density1.75 - 1.85 g/cc
Pot Life45 minutes
Foot traffic24 hours
Minimum application temperature10ºC
Can withstand temperature variation0ºC - 80ºC
Hardening Time4 - 7 hours
pH10 - 11
Tensile adhesion strength at 7 days>15 Mpa
Shear strength at 7 days>10 Mpa
Compressive strength at 7 days

>55 Mpa

Flexural strength at 7 days>30 Mpa





Send or download the documentation

You can either send the documentation to en-email address, or download it.

Preparation and Application

Direction For Use


  • Clean the substrate to remove dust, loose particles laitance oil traces or any bond inhibiting compounds. .
  • Ensure that the substrate is flat, stable, well adhered 
  • Concrete and renders should be cured sufficiently to avoid the shrinkage cracks.
  • Correct the local undulation/damage on the substrate at least 48 hours before the application of weber.epoxy adhesive

Mixing Ratio

  • Shake the bottle of resin and hardener well prior to mixing.
  • Take 2 part resin, 1 part hardener and 9 part filler by weight.
  • Thoroughly mix the resin and hardener in a clean container for a minute.Add 70% of filler and mix it for 2 minutes. Then add balance 30% of filler and mix the entire component for 5 minutes to get homogenous paste.

Tile Fixing

  • Firmly press the tile or stone  into epoxy adhesive to ensure good initial bonding.
  • If any excess material remove with the help of an appropriate tool.


The consumption is approximately 5-6 kg/sqm for 3mm bed thickness.

Note:The coverage will vary depending on surface undulations.

Shelf Life

2 year from the date of manufacturing,  for unopened material.


weber bond poxy - carton (resin 4kg, Hardener 2kg)

weber bond poxyfill - bag (filler 18kg)