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weberfix drywall

weberfix drywall
weberfix drywall


Product benefits

  • Moisture free system.
  • Very High Bond strength
  • 2 Component adhesive.
  • Easy to use
  • Fast Setting
  • Can do cladding upto 50 ft. height.
  • For fixing large format tiles & stones on drywalls and plywood.



Product Description and Features

Product Description

Weberfix drywall is a 2 component high performance tile and stone adhesive, which can be used for almost all types of tiles, over almost all types of substrates including green and moisture sensitive marble & agglomerates. Weberfix drywall is specially formulated, for fixing large format tiles & stones on drywalls and plywood.

Key Features

  • Moisture free system : Does not damage wooden sustrates or tiles, and water sensitive stone.
  • Very High Bond strength 2 Component adhesive : prevents wastage, as only quantity which is required has to be mixed.
  • Easy to use
  • Fast Setting
  • Can do cladding upto 50 ft. height, without any support bracket*.
  • Under tile treatment of stone (to prevent discoloration) is not required.
  • Can be used for fixing moisture sensitive stones, like green marble.
  • Reaction bases system, and thus not harshly affected by temperature & humidity.
  • Can be used on touch dry surface of concrete. Do not need to wait for substrate to get completely dry.
  • for fixing tiles and stones on drywall & plywood.


Refer technical datasheet.

Technical Parameters

Physical StatePaste (Component A and Component B)

Component A-White,

Component B-Pale Yellow

Mix Density1.6 to 1.65 gm/cc
Mixing Ratio

3 parts Component A with 1 parts Component B by weight 9 parts Component A with 4 parts Component B by volume

Pot Life15 mins
Open Time15 mins
Adjustability time15 mins
Ready for grouting on walls10 hours
Ready for grouting on floor10 hours
Set to light foot traffic

60-120 mins

Ready for use2 days after grouting
Temperature Resistance-5°C to 100°C


Send or download the documentation

You can either send the documentation to en-email address, or download it.

Preparation and Application

Direction For Use

Surface Preparation

For Cementitious substrate, waterproofing and tiles:

• Surfaces should be within 5°C to 35°C (at higher temperature material will set faster. To bring down the temperature saturate with water.)

• Substrate should be structurally sound, clean and free of all bond inhibiting compounds, like dirt, oil, grease, paint, sealers, curing compounds, laitance etc. Rough or uneven concrete surfaces should be made smooth and allowed to cure. While dirt can be cleaned with just water, surfactants may be required for oil,grease etc.

• Excess water should be drained, and the surface should be brought to touch dry condition.

For Drywalls and other substrates:

• Only dry cleaning is recommended for such substrates. Use a wire brush if required, to remove any bond inhibiting compound.


• Please ensure use of proper personal protective equipment (PPE) before handling the product.

• Take 3 parts component A, and 1 part component B, by weight (9:4 by volume) in a bucket / other suitable container.

• Mix for 3-5 minutes, preferably using a slow speed stirrer (100 rpm), or using any other suitable method.

• Mixing at high speed should be avoided.

• Mix only the quantity of adhesive, which can be consumed in 10-15 mins.

• Wash tool immediately with water, after use, and before the adhesive hardens.

• No water to be added to the mix.

Applying the mix

• Apply the adhesive onto the substrate covering up to 1 m2 at a time (or no more than can be tiled within 15 minutes).

• Apply Weberfix drywall over the surface using the straight edge of the notched trowel and then comb the applied adhesive using the notched side of the trowel to achieve the desired thickness.

• Double buttering is recommended for heavier stones.

• If the adhesive is buttered to the tile, then ensure proper coverage of the tile surface to prevent void formation.

• Ensure Adequate gap is kept between subsequent stones/tiles to accommodate for thermal expansion and contraction.

Installing the tiles

• Clean the stone/tile with water before installation.

• Wipe with a clean dry cloth, to ensure there is no bond inhibiting layer of water on the tile.

• Bed the tiles firmly into the adhesive with a slight sliding and/or twisting action/shear, to ensure a good and uniform contact.

• It is good practice to lift an occasional tile after fixing, to verify that the required contact is being achieved.

• In wet areas, external areas and all floors, the final adhesive bed should be free from voids.

• If necessary, tiles should be adjusted, within 15 minutes of installation.

• Carefully clean off any excess adhesive from the tiles and joints with a damp sponge or cloth before it sets. Leave for at least 10 hours before grouting.

• More time may be required before grouting when tiling onto impervious or sealed surfaces or higher bed thickness.

• For swimming pools, leave at least 2 day before grouting and then a further 2 days before filling.

Mixing Ratio

  • 3 parts Component A with 1 parts Component B by weight
  • 9 parts Component A with 4 parts Component B by volume




Approximately 1.62 Kg/sq. m per mm of bed thickness

NOTE : Ensure all surfaces are clean, smooth and plum, levelled, free of defects, and without undulations for maximum coverage.

Shelf Life

9 months from the month and year of manufacturing, when stored in cool dry conditions. Avoid direct heat.


Component A : 15 Kg Bucket

Component B : 5 Kg Bucket


Off White